Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol Treatment | Can I Quit on My Own

Whether you feel you are abusing alcohol or dependent up on it, asking the question if you can quit drinking on your own or do you need an alcohol treatment center as renowned as Pat Moore Foundation is a great start to finding the answer. Sometimes when people are abusers of alcohol, or even dependent upon it they can stop (in the case of dependence and addiction) and taper off or use less (in the case of abusing). But mostly, people do need help. In fact, why not ask for help anyway?

Alcohol Treatment| Abuse, Dependence and Treatment

If you’ve found yourself asking the question as to whether or not you are having difficulty with alcohol – abusing or dependent – one of the best ways to get that question answered is by going to alcohol treatment. This typically includes therapy, some sort of counseling and of course an education around alcohol. Because alcohol dependence is so strong, some people need medicine to help with the painful and sometimes deadly withdrawal.

As Bill Sees It | Loneliness

To Watch Loneliness Vanish

Almost without exception, alcoholics are tortured by loneliness. Even before our drinking got bad and people began to cut us off, nearly all of us suffered the feeling that we didn't quite belong. Either we were shy, and dared not draw near others, or we were noisy good fellows constantly craving attention and companionship, but rarely getting it. There was always that mysterious barrier we could neither surmount nor understand.

Dual Diagnosis: Sobriety and Mental Illness

The term ‘dual diagnosis’ is used to describe people who have co-existing problems: mental illness and addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. In the past the co-existence seemed to have been overlooked and some people were treated for just one condition, repeatedly. Dual Diagnosis is complex and many people with mental illness also exhibit substance abuse problems and/or addiction issue. It is typically true the other way around.

10 Warning Signs to Relapse

Alcohol and drug addiction recovery for some is strife with relapse. In fact, most recovery addicts tend to at least relapse, or ‘slip’ as some say, at least once before finding their own path to sustained and successful sobriety. Relapse is tricky, not so forth coming and obvious that you can recognize it as you’re in the middle of it. What does that mean? Well, it means that relapse starts long before you pick up that first drink or drug.

Step One - Admission and Acceptance

Step 1 - We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and/or drugs and that our lives had become unmanageable.

The two requisites, in my opinion to recovery are the admission of our addiction and the acceptance of our addiction. It doesn’t matter what the addiction is, but we’ll stick with alcohol or other drugs. We must in fact find a way to somehow come to terms that we suffer from addiction. At the beginning stage we must not focus on the why. You can deal with that later. Just work on admission and acceptance right now.

Relapse Prevention Tips

Making a decision to quit using alcohol and drugs is a huge step, as recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a lifelong process. It’s important to take steps to learn how to healthily abstain from using, and that might offer a set of obstacles that could be difficult to overcome. As much as I don’t like the word ‘discipline,’ I find it probably the best word used to describe exactly what’s needed, especially when newly sober.

Twelve Steps of Recovery: Breaking it Down

I’ve come to believe that the Twelve Steps are broken into different groupings. I don’t know why or when I began to believe that, but I believe it has something to do with the fact I don’t like to set myself up for failure AND I don’t like to feel overwhelmed – not sure anyone actually likes to feel overwhelmed. What I mean by that is if I can break something down and take it in pieces I don’t feel like I am always looking up to see where the journey ends, begins, or continues onward.

That being said, let’s break the steps down a bit.

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