Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

The Top 20 Books About Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

 A fascinating and healing part of the recovery process is learning the stories of other addicts and alcoholics. Books about drug addiction and alcoholism can be an incredible way to unlock the doors of isolation that addiction closes. To encourage others and let them know they are not alone, we share what life used to be like, what happened to begin that road to sobriety, and what life is like now. We call this sharing our experience, strength, and hope. 

1o Red Flags of Alcoholism

 Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people in the United States alone. As a progressive illness, alcoholism usually starts off as having a couple drinks here or there, or hitting the parties every once in a while. Although some people can do this and not become addicted to alcohol, others are more prone to addiction and can become an alcoholic without even realizing it.

How You Can Regain Self-Worth

 Coming into a recovery program takes a lot of courage. I know. It took me falling flat on my face time and time again and finally getting to a point where I just didn’t have an ounce of energy left to do anything. I was done; so tired, in tremendous pain, shame, fear, and apathy. I remember trying so hard to come off as this strong, independent, successful woman when I first hit treatment because I didn’t want anyone to know how hollow I was inside.

Finding Your Voice in Recovery

 Many times newcomers in recovery programs come in and resist getting involved, or even getting close to other people.  They’ve been hurt. They’re in pain. They are just trying to make sense of their new life without alcohol or drugs. We’ve all been there.  At one time or another we might have thought we knew it all, but when our security (the substance) is gone, many of us lose our confidence and our voice.

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