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Tips On How To Drink In Moderation

 If you have been drinking too much or you simply want to live a life in which you can drink in moderation, there are some valuable tips for you to consider. After all, drinking in excess is not good for your health and could put you at risk for alcoholism.

The Top 20 Books About Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

 A fascinating and healing part of the recovery process is learning the stories of other addicts and alcoholics. Books about drug addiction and alcoholism can be an incredible way to unlock the doors of isolation that addiction closes. To encourage others and let them know they are not alone, we share what life used to be like, what happened to begin that road to sobriety, and what life is like now. We call this sharing our experience, strength, and hope. 

Tips on Staging an Intervention With Your Teen

We can all agree that education is important for keeping teens off drugs. The more they know about drugs’ dire effects, the greater the chance they’ll keep away from them. But what do you do when your teen has already succumbed to temptation and peer pressure and is abusing drugs?


Raising Teenagers - How to Talk to Teens about Drug and Alcohol Abuse

 No parent wants to see their children go down the road to alcohol or drug addiction, yet the temptation for teens to use such is quite large. Teens might think that if they start drinking or taking drugs, they will be better accepted at school, have a great time, or numb their pain for a while. If you are parenting a teenager, you may have already discussed the negative effects of alcohol and drugs with your teen when they were younger, but you might want to have the talk again.

1o Red Flags of Alcoholism

 Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people in the United States alone. As a progressive illness, alcoholism usually starts off as having a couple drinks here or there, or hitting the parties every once in a while. Although some people can do this and not become addicted to alcohol, others are more prone to addiction and can become an alcoholic without even realizing it.

Ways to Stick to Your Goals and Stay Sober in 2014

 2014 is here! It’s a brand new year full of amazing potential. Many people make New Year’s Resolutions, which is a fantastic idea to kick off a new year. The problem is that most people forget about their resolutions within a few weeks of making them. It might be more advantageous to have a “goals list” all year round and not necessarily focus it around the New Year. Making your focus on achieving your goals a lifestyle will certainly do you good!

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