Staying Sober this Summer

Summertime comes and suddenly fear strikes, “how are we going to stay sober!?”

The thought of summer may conjure up visions of your drinking and using days. Beer at a baseball game? That’s not an option anymore. Drug-filled road trips for summer break? Definitely out of the question. Putting your health, financial security, and relationships in jeopardy due to addiction? You’re free from that, too! So how can you have a great time and keep your sobriety–both physical and emotional–in the summer months ahead?

Sober Traveling Tips

For those of you who are living life sober, planning a vacation might make you a bit uneasy because there tends to be so many destinations known for partying. The good news is that there are many destinations that do not focus on parties and you can prepare yourself for sober traveling.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & Your Sobriety

If medical marijuana is legal in your state will it have an impact on your sobriety? In particular, will access to a medical marijuana dispensary mean you could jeopardize your recovery? It’s a question to think long and hard about if you have struggled with addiction. As we all know, laws have little to do with the realities of our addictions.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Most physicians agree, there is always a risk associated with ingesting any amount of alcohol during pregnancy. There will be a few here and there that believe that a drink every now and then during pregnancy will most likely not harm the fetus, but the simple fact is that no amount has ever been proven to be safe. The healthcare field has long associated alcohol and pregnancy as a harmful mixture and asserts that pregnant women ought to abstain from drinking during pregnancy.

Your Sobriety and the Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana is quickly becoming a reality in many states and a hotly debated topic on ballots across the country. With the political climate around pot changing, it’s important to make choices about your own health and what is right for you when it comes to weed. Although it may be legal to possess or use in your area, think twice before getting stoned.

Dangers of Drug Use During Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers who use illegal and prescription drugs during pregnancy run the risk of harming their unborn baby. Just what those harmful effects are depends on the drugs used, as well as other factors. The legal system is really cracking down on pregnant addicts who continue to use drugs while pregnant, as more states are passing laws to prosecute them for such.

Men and Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse is quite common here in America with many men and women turning to alcohol and drugs as ways to cope with stress and emotional issues. When comparing men to women in addiction, there are various differences between the two sexes regarding usage and recovery.

Do Anxiety and Depression Cause Addiction?

When people struggle with anxiety or depression, drugs and alcohol often seem like a miraculous solution for the fear, discomfort, hopelessness or pain those disorders can cause. Unfortunately, that solution is only ever short-term. Drugs and alcohol may provide temporary relief, but when used as a means to escape a problem, those problems will only worsen, not go away.

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