College Treatment, Getting the Needed Help at a Younger Age

There are many challenges facing college students today. For a recovering addict, college can be a bit taxing while trying to remain focused on their studies and overall social skills while still remaining sober. Let’s face it, in many cases this is the first time the young adult has been out on his or her own. The pressure to fit in can sometimes revolve around attending parties where possibly drugs and alcohol are freely used.

Rehab Guarantee | Is It Possible?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at the Pat Moore Foundation is, “How do I know it is going to work?”
     You know, it is a perfectly valid question, and we never balk at answering it. It’s a scary time for a variety of reasons; you’ve tried before and have relapsed, and fear of the unknown are two variables that warrant consideration. We truly understand where you are coming from, because each road to recovery is unique -- a personal journey.

Residential Treatment Center, a Home Away From Home

When entering a recovery treatment center, a number of alcoholics and drug addicts are afraid of what to expect; clinical rooms, bright lights, maybe even electrodes, but the Pat Moore Treatment Center has none of that. Well, maybe they have some bright lights and the rooms are clean, but they are comfortable, warm and welcoming not overly clinical like a hospital. From the intake supervisor and counselors on up to the Director, the staff is genuinely happy to see the patient and concerned for their well-being.

Alcohol Treatment Center

For an alcoholic, the road to recovery can seem equal to climbing Mount Everest, but it can be a whole lot simpler than that. No one climbs Mount Everest in a day. No one does it without help. And, no one does it without the right tools and equipment. We all know that climbing a mountain is hard work and standing at the base, looking toward the summit, can surely be a bit overwhelming. Self-doubt can creep in; churning your stomach, creating fear, working hard at convincing you there’s no way you’ll conquer this insurmountable mountain.

Reading Instructions To Help Keep It Together

Did you ever notice when you don’t read the instructions in assembling a product like a wagon, desk, or an automotive engine, you end up with a piece or two left over? Mostly it’s a nut or a bolt or something like that. You’re left wondering if these are just extra parts, or even worse a vital piece that will somehow, at the most inopportune time, decide to show just how important it is, resulting in the product crumbling apart?

Well, getting and staying sober is exactly like that.

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