Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 6 - Running with Four Flats

I instinctively knew that all good things must come to an end, so I drove as long and as hard as I could. Although my alcohol intake was down and my drug intake was up a great deal, I was constantly making adjustable promises to myself. I promised to reward myself for working hard all week and only take drugs on the weekends, with a time out from drugs on Sundays. It seemed a good plan, but I was still free, with no threat of punishment, to adjust my plan at will.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 5 - Pedal to the Metal

When I hit the big city of Boston, I started off with two jobs. I worked in advertising for a magazine with an affluent subscription and reader base, and the Somerville facility I mentioned earlier. I still went with the notion that I needed to work a lot of hours to keep from getting into trouble. However, that wasn’t the case. I seemed to find trouble easily. The magazine constantly held parties to promote this vodka, that gin, or the newest writer or celebrity, so steering clear of booze was nearly impossible. It was free and was in abundance.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 4 - Twists and Turns

Well, the jury is still out on whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug to other drugs. My belief, my experience in this case, is simply that this drug lowered my inhibitions and made it more possible to try other drugs later down the road. I also believe, and again, no scientific proof here, and if I were to wager a guess, that marijuana eventually allowed me to begin enjoying the taste of alcohol – especially beer and tequila.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 3 - The Road Ahead

As I entered high school, and I imagine like most teenagers, I yearned to fit in with everyone else. At the time though, I never really thought anyone else was similar to me. I just thought I was this unique little individual with my own little inimitable thoughts and prayers. I would try to imitate others physically; following their conversations, playing sports, singing in the chorus, and even acting in plays. It seems I enjoyed that the most, acting in the high school plays.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 1 - Along the Highway

When I was first approached about blogging and working for the Pat Moore Treatment Center, I was quite frankly taken aback. Not in a bad way of course, but honestly, I wasn’t looking to work in the field of addiction recovery again, but I don’t believe in coincidences. This offer was put in front of me for various reasons and it was up to me to discovery them.

Using the Medical Methods through a Rehab Treatment Center

There are a number of ways to treat someone medically for alcoholism. The safest way, depending on the severity and progression of the disease, is through an inpatient stay at a rehab treatment center. However, if the severity of the disease has not progressed so far, the alcoholic might be just as able to attend a recovery treatment center on an outpatient basis. As always, consulting a physician or doctor for clarification is suggested.

Starting out Right with a Recovery Treatment Center

The statistics are always higher for alcoholics or drug addicts whose main goal is abstinence. By the time most have reached the idea of this goal, their lives have become unmanageable in a number of different ways. Alcoholics or addicts who are in good health, have a strong social support network, a high motivation, and have attended a recovery treatment center either on an inpatient or outpatient basis have a good chance at remaining sober.

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