An Alcohol Drug Treatment Program that Cleans up the Wreckage

Regardless of the motivations, the reasons, the causes – genetic, environmental, or otherwise – there will eventually come a time when the addict reaches a breaking point. That level is dependent upon the individual of course, as each alcoholic is different and should be treated that way.

Some alcoholics who have been drinking heavily for sustained periods of time are different than those who binge drink occasionally, as are those whose personality changes during the first drink. The variations are vast and again no two are one hundred percent alike.

Reaching the Breaking Point, an Alcohol Detox

In Part 1 of this series I began touching on the ‘Causes of Alcoholism,’ even quoting the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and The American Society of Addiction Medicine. Their definition covered other possible causes or theories besides the ever popular ‘moral weakness.’ Neither of the theories or cause on this list is in any particular order, none more popular than the other. However treatment through an alcohol detox or rehabilitation is extremely important.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 22 - Hitchhikers or Not?

I’d nearly thrown it all away; sixty days down the tubes for not listening to my inner voice, the one from my gut, not listening to the members at Alcoholics Anonymous, and for not listening to those in the rehab treatment center. I had, however, heard them when they, including my gut, told me to set up an out, and not to be afraid to leave. For me, drugs and alcohol are a life threatening situation.
          Would I die today if I took a drink? Yes and no.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 21 - The Trade-In

I can’t honestly say that what happened was a monumental surprise. I’d set myself up knowing full well the end result was a possibility. One of the many lessons I learned in the recovery treatment center was to prepare myself for situations, to leave myself a way out if needed. Being of an analytical mind, someone who had been planning best and worst case scenarios for most of his life, it wasn’t too difficult.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 20 - Driving the Dotted White Line

Liked stalled cars on the side of the highway, a couple more friends were opting to pull out of the party circuit scene in the hopes of finding smoother, better paved roads in the land of sobriety. I’d never really pulled away from the party circuit scene, which is what’s strongly advised for a while first when getting sober.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 19 - Test Driving the Truth

So, by now, if you’ve been reading my blog here, you are possibly thinking that I’m nothing but a big fat liar. You’d be right in some regards and oh so wrong in others. My only defense is that I’m an addict, and it’s what we do. I’d spent years building a fabrication of a life, so coming clean wasn’t second nature at all, and who knows, maybe I felt if I gave up that ‘creative’ side to myself I’d have nothing really left.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 18 - Parked In Neutral

White lies continued to surround me. I knew I wasn’t doing what was asked of me in the rehab treatment center and in Alcoholics Anonymous – rationalizations were nearly as rampant in me sober as they were in me when I was using. I’d been laying a trap for myself and I’d eventually get caught, but I’d been able to bob and weave in the past as a drunk, so I could probably do it better sober.

Breakdown Lane | A Personal Journey of Recovery | Part 17 - Driving in Reverse

I’m not sure what was going on with me at this point but I felt as if I were driving in reverse. Picking up booze and drugs wasn’t an option, but coming clean, dealing with what had happened in the past drew a dispassionate, murky, and detached side of me that I wasn’t aware I had. I knew what I had done in the past wasn’t working – that I could admit. Wasn’t that enough though? Couldn’t we all just sit here in the rehab treatment center and share drunk-a-logs?

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