Talking to Your Teen About Staying Safe This Summer

Drug and alcohol abuse is a big concern. Do you worry about keeping your child safe this summer? Even the strongest of families can experience addiction and abuse issues. You may want to broach the topic, but don’t know how to talk to your child about drinking and drugs.

Pat Moore Foundation has some suggestions and resources for talking to your children and teens this summer and giving them the tools to make good decisions without you becoming a helicopter parent.

Ways to Recognize Drug Addiction in College Students

The college years can be quite tempting for teens to experiment with alcohol and drugs and many parents worry about their children while they are away. As a parent, it is a good idea to become familiar with the common signs of drug addiction, so that you can recognize if your child is struggling and approach him or her with concern.

Recipes for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Holidays can be a bit challenging for the recovering alcoholic, especially if they have to attend a holiday party where alcohol will be served.  One way to combat the awkwardness and temptation of drinking is to bring your own delicious non-alcoholic drinks to the parties. It’s not only a good idea, it’s also a great deal of fun to learn new recipes and try them out. Before long, your friends will be asking you to create delicious non-alcoholic drinks for them!

Dating & Sobriety

Dating in recovery can be fun. Trust me, I know. When I first got sober, I thought I would be single for the rest of my life. Who would want to date an alcoholic? Who would accept me when I couldn’t even accept myself?

Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Costa Mesa, California

Alcohol and drug addiction are serious issues that destroy many lives and families. The number of people suffering in addiction is far too large. If you are seeking to end your addiction or if a loved one is struggling, Pat Moore Foundation is your solution, as it has an outstanding reputation for giving individualized, personal care to those who come into the program.

Pat Moore Foundation and it's treatment program features

Do I Have a Drinking Problem?: Alcoholism Risk Factors and Warning Signs

 Alcoholism is a disease that affects nearly 18 million people in the United States.  It tears up families, takes a toll on the health and criminal justice system, and also plays a role in the economy.  Do you question whether you are an alcoholic or not? Has a family member come to you with concern about your drinking? Here is some information that will assist you in determining if you are struggling with alcoholism or not.

The Importance of Meditation & Mindfulness in Recovery

A crucial tenet of recovery is learning to still our busy minds. We drank or used to escape the thoughts and feelings that haunted us, but eventually that solution failed. So we turned to sobriety because the faulty tools of drugs and alcohol proved a short-term and self-destructive solution. What’s next? How do we live with our sometimes crazy brains and scary emotions? 

Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction

Methamphetamine is a drug that is being abused more and more these days, which has the healthcare professionals alarmed. Along with drug abuse comes fractured families and a lot of pain. What can you do if you’re addicted to meth? What are the best types of treatments available for such an addiction? Today we will discuss the reality of meth abuse along with some statistics.

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