Drug Treatment Center | An Perception Adjustment

Pointing out when a friend needs the help of a drug treatment center is difficult. It seems the words 'drug treatment center' can be considered dark and ominous. I suppose they can be. If someone wants to think about all a center might 'take away' from them, but they aren't dark at all. In fact, they can be three words that will shine a beacon of light in their direction.

Subutex | Hitting the Ceiling

In October of 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved a formulation called Subutex. Subutex is used in the initial stages of opiate addiction therapy to help alleviate withdrawal symptom pain while allowing the patient to experience a lesser degree of sedation and respiratory depression. It also doesn't allow any significant impairment of cognitive of motor skills.

Alcohol Drug Treatment | Before the Insanity

I've been trying hard to get my friend into an alcohol drug treatment program, but haven't been able to convince him it's what's best for him overall. For some addicts, an alcohol drug treatment facility is the bottom rung, the proverbial safety net before falling into the abyss of the disease. My friend thinks this and he couldn't be further from the truth.

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