Are You Enabling an Addict or Alcoholic?

If you love someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, you know that the addiction impacts everyone in that person’s life. The ripple effect of having a child, spouse, parent, or loved one in the throes of addiction can cause chaos, confusion, and hurt. You want more than anything to help that person, but you may just be adding to the problem. Read on to make sure that the kind of help you are providing isn’t really causing more suffering.

Drinking Around Someone in Recovery

You are having a great time at the party gulping down tasty mixed drinks and suddenly an old friend of yours who has quit drinking appears in sight! What should you do now? Should you hide away your pleasure of drinking your cocktail so that they aren’t tempted or should you continue to behave as if they never drank and were a teetotaler by birth? What about if you are having a family get together and someone from your family is in recovery? Do you refrain from drinking and tell the other guests to do the same?

How Drugs Impact Your Local Economy

Drug and alcohol use is widespread in the United States. But when it comes to addiction, who suffers? We know the person battling addiction faces many hardships, as do their friends, family, coworkers and peers. But the affects of drug abuse extend to the local and national economy as well.

What to Expect in Early Sobriety

Thinking about getting sober? Maybe you’re experiencing relationship troubles, failing health, trouble at work, or legal problems like DUIs due to drinking. Or maybe you’re just sick of hangovers.

Whatever your motivations, we have answers about what you can expect in the first few days, weeks, and months living clean from booze.



How to Tell a Close Person They Have a Drinking Problem

 It’s not always easy to approach a loved one with concern about the possibility that they may be an alcoholic. You run the risk of evoking a negative and sometimes angry response from them if they are in denial. For this reason, it is wise to learn a little bit about how to approach such a person. Tune in for some tips on how you can tell a close person if you think they have a drinking problem.

Addiction in Popular Media

Alcoholics and addicts often feel alone in their experience. The notion that no one understands the pain, fear, and shame they experience can preclude them from admitting defeat or seeking the help they need. Popular media serves a powerful role in this context. It can create an open dialogue about the horror of addiction and provide a way for those suffering, or the people that love them, to know they are not alone, and that there is help if they ask for it.

Celebrities Journeying the Road To Recovery

Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant in our society and celebrities are not exempt from such. I’m sure you’ve heard about various celebrities caught in the grip of addiction. While some do get free, others continue to struggle. Being in the spotlight does not make it any easier for them. Good news is that there are plenty of former addicts who have kicked the addiction to the curb and have created a life that they love, so if you happen to be struggling, read on for some inspiration and hope.

Explaining Sobriety at Social Events

One of the hardest parts of early sobriety was learning to navigate familiar social events as a sober person. In my party days, whatever the occasion–wedding, work happy hour, baby shower, you name it–if there was booze, I was drinking. Then, sobriety came along and smacked me upside the head, and I had to figure out who I was and how to go about living my life without liquor.

Counseling and Suboxone Team Up at PMF to Deliver Outstanding Detox Services

With the drug addiction rate continuing to remain steady, substance abuse professionals are always trying to better their drug addiction treatment for addicts who want to get clean. Here at Pat Moore Foundation, we continually strive to provide the best substance abuse services for those struggling with addiction. With many years’ experience and a high success rate, we are honored to be of such assistance to those who need help.

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