Copper: The Documentary

Have you ever wondered how some addicts get money for their addictive habit? With many addicts so deep in the grips of addiction, it is difficult to hold down a job. Due to such some have taken to scrapping for metal such as copper in order to fund their addiction.  Film makers in Denver, CO are just about finished with a documentary that shares real life stories of addicts who are addicted to heroin and scrap for copper in order to make money.  Be sure to tune into this eye-opening film this fall.

What to Expect at Your First 12-Step Meeting

Attending a 12 Step meeting for the first time can produce some anxiety and reservations. That is completely normal. If you ask recovering alcoholics if they were nervous at their first meeting, they would answer a resounding “YES”, but they would also say that they were so happy that they attended and stuck with the program because it works. If you’re thinking about attending a 12 Step meeting, kudos to you. Go ahead and do it. If you are anxious, know that it’s alright and you can still attend despite the anxiety.

Heavy Drinking vs. Alcoholism

Sometimes the line is thin between heavy drinking and alcoholism. Many of the same challenges impact heavy drinkers and alcoholics: legal woes, relationship and family problems, interference with work and personal obligations. Learn the facts to help determine the difference between heavy drinking and alcoholism in yourself or a loved one.

Celebrities & Addiction: Addiction Knows No Boundaries

The disease of addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to who it affects. Addiction can plague the lives of just about anyone regardless of age, race, sex, financial status, career, and so on. Take celebrities for example. Various celebrities, despite their fortune and fame, have succumbed to the disease of addiction and unfortunately, some have lost their lives. Today we will take a look and honor five such celebrities that lost their lives due to such.

Having Fun While Sober

Does the idea of having fun sober seem overwhelming? For people who used to drink on every occasion, enjoying events without a drink is a new territory. It's not unusual to worry that your social life is over when you get sober.

The reality of it is, once you stop drinking or using drugs, you make clear choices about what you do and do not like to do. The company you keep will chang dramatically when you're not only spending time with people based on how much they do (or do not) drink -- and that's a good thing!

How You Can Disarm Thoughts of Drinking Again

Chances are, if you are a recovering alcoholic, you occasionally get thoughts of drinking again. You might wonder if by chance you could be a social drinker or you may even just be going through a tough time and feel compelled to try to take the edge off with a drink or two. Don’t do it! You’ve come too far to let the cunning disease of alcoholism steal your sobriety, peace, and joy. To help you continue on your marvelous road of recovery, here are some helpful tips on how you can disarm thoughts of picking up another drink.


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