Dangers of Untreated Addiction and Abuse

Perhaps you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, yet you have the ability to function each day by going to work and take care of your duties.

You might not think that your untreated addiction is harming you, but chances are the longer you ignore your addiction, the more apt you will suffer some mental, emotional, and physical consequences of your addiction. Let’s take a look at this topic further today.


Prescription Pill Abuse At an All-Time High

It’s not just illegal drugs that bound people up in an emotional and physical prison, but prescription drug abuse has taken America by storm. Everything from anti-anxiety to pain pills have hit homes, school, and the streets in abundance. The effects are much the same as anyone on illegal drugs like heroin, crack, etc. Some lose their jobs, relationships, their children, their dignity, and their mind. It is a big deal and it is time to get honest about the topic and encourage those who are addicted to reach out for help.

Nationwide Rise in Heroin Deaths

The rise in heroin deaths in the nation ought to be raising eyebrows and causing an alarm. Young and old alike are overdosing on heroin despite many efforts to help addicts get off such drugs. Are you or a loved one struggling with heroin addiction?

Is Your Teen Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol?

Are you worried your child has a problem with drugs or alcohol? If you’re concerned, chances are he or she may need help. The first step is always prevention–engaging your child to educate them about the dangers of alcohol or drug use. If you suspect that things have advanced beyond prevention, learn to recognize the signs, find help, and finally support your child as he or she moves through recovery.

Alcohol Can Change Your Physical Appearance

 Do you ever stop and think about how drinking alcohol affects your body? Sure, you might have heard how it is bad for the liver or heart, but what about your physical appearance? Do heavy or binge drinkers have changes that occur to their appearance? Bet and believe they do. Curious as to the details? Read on for the scoop.

How to Manage Cravings

Cravings are an expectable part of early recovery. The goal is not to chastise yourself if you do have an urge to drink or use, but to recognize what triggers your cravings and to be able to manage, control, and not respond to them.

The Dangers of Drug Use in Sports

Drug use in athletes has ruined careers and lives in some instances. Whether an athlete uses an illicit or controlled drug, he or she takes a great risk of harming the body and being disqualified from the competition. It is alright to be competitive, but using performance enhancing drugs is both dangerous and unethical.

How to Prepare for Rehab

You’ve made the choice, you’re ready to change your life, and you’re committed to going to inpatient rehab. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare as you pause from your life to get medical and psychological support for your alcohol or drug addiction.

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