Is Your Teen Struggling with Drugs or Alcohol?

Are you worried your child has a problem with drugs or alcohol? If you’re concerned, chances are he or she may need help. The first step is always prevention–engaging your child to educate them about the dangers of alcohol or drug use. If you suspect that things have advanced beyond prevention, learn to recognize the signs, find help, and finally support your child as he or she moves through recovery.

Talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol

Your child needs your support to make it through adolescence sober. Acknowledging the temptations and peer pressure kids and teens face is instrumental in helping them overcome those challenges. Instead of ignoring an uncomfortable issue, use teachable moments to guide your child through danger.

Recognizing the signs of alcohol and drug abuse

If prevention has become a moot point, learn to recognize the signs. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence educates parents about warning signs to be alert for. Some indicators include mood swings, drop in school performance, weight gain or loss, anger, and drastic behavior change.

Find help

Once you’ve determined your child is drinking or drugging, it’s time to get help for yourself and your teen. One option is to stage an intervention. It’s definitely not recommended to do this alone, as the guidance of trained professionals can help support successful outcomes. Be prepared, be loving, and be firm. This is your child’s life at stake.

Supporting your child in recovery

If your family doesn’t have a history of addiction, you may not be aware that recovery is a life-long process. Your child will need familial support during the return to school and the long future beyond. Be aware that you play a key role in your child’s support system. Encourage attendance at recovery-based meetings, a healthy lifestyle, and open communication.

If you need help or guidance, contact the Pat Moore Foundation 24/7 online or phone and begin to help your child heal.

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