Subxone Detox | Clinical Studies Show Sublingual Film a Preferred Method

Some interesting news was just announced last week. It is especially important and relevant to people who are needing a Suboxone detox. This news effects Pat Moore Foundation because we are a number one Suboxone detox treatment facility and we are located in Costa Mesa, California. Federal approval has been given to Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, Inc, the makers of Suboxone, to market a sublingual film for prescribers of the opioid dependence medication.

Currently, Suboxone is in a sublingual tablet form and needs to be dissolved under the tongue. The new film combines the same ingredients but it is in a dissolvable film. In clinical studies the film was preferred because it dissolved faster and the taste better. As we have stated before, and so have the manufacturers of Suboxone, the tablet and/or film are only one part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Counseling and psychosocial support are positively encouraged.

In an effort to improve convenience and compliance with new and existing drugs, MonoSol Rx created the PharmFilm technology. Over the past two months, the federal government has approved two medications with this technology, one is Suboxone and the other is Zuplenz, an anti-nausea mediation. Because of these recent approvals, it seems a stronger possibility now that federal regulators will be more likely to accept this technology as a viable drug deliver option.

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