Rehab & Detox: Pat Moore Foundation Working with Univ. of California

Clients who attend Pat Moore Foundation not only get the best alcohol and drug treatment care, but they also are privileged to be able to receive psychiatric and laboratory services from residents and faculty members from the University of California Irvine School of Medicine.

Our Relationship

Pat Moore Foundation has been privileged to have a working relationship with the University of California Irvine School of Medicine since June, 2011, where clients pursuing treatment at the Pat Moore Foundation can be examined by psychiatric residents and faculty members from the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. Clients of the Pat Moore Foundation are able to receive services like comprehensive psychiatric and laboratory examinations.

Quality Care for Patients

By collaborating with the University of California's Irvine School of Medicine, the Pat Moore Foundation lives up to its promise of providing the best quality care to our clients.

Collaborative Treatment

"We are very honored to have faculty members from the University of California's Irvine School of Medicine examine our clients," affirms Joe Floyd, the CEO of the Pat Moore Foundation. "In Southern California, there are several notable addiction treatment centers, for this reason, we are certain that by collaborating with the Irvine School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior revitalizes our commitment to provide the best addiction services to our clients, as well as to the recovery community.”

About UC Irvine School of Medicine

The University of California's Irvine School of Medicine is LCME certified and ranked 61st in Primary Care and 43rd in Research according to the US News and World Report. The school was started by A. C. Moore in 1896, and it is the oldest steadily run medical school in the wider Los Angeles area.

UCI's Mission

The medical school is committed to advancing clinical practice and medical knowledge by employing physician education, scholarly research, as well as high-quality care. The medical school fosters the advancement of resident physicians, medical students, and scholars within the fields of clinical and basic sciences. The school educates over 400 medical students and trains over 600 residents and fellows annually.

UCI Psychiatry Department

The Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior has a trilateral mission of promoting superb educational programs, compassionate clinical care, and top notch research. Every year, the AAMC grades all departments from all medical schools. Total research dollars per full time faculty is one of the criteria used in this ranking. The UCI's Department of Psychiatry normally falls in the top 5 percent of all the 123 psychiatry departments nationwide.

 About Pat Moore Foundation

For more than 25 years, the Pat Moore Foundation has been emancipating men and women entangled in the life-wrecking chain of substance abuse and addiction. The detox and treatment programs offered by the Pat Moore Foundation are certified and licensed by the State of California. The Foundation is located in Costa Mesa, CA and offers non-medical and medically supervised detoxification, as well as primary residential treatment.

 Image: Wikimedia Commons

Pat Moore Foundation teams up with D’Amore Healthcare. D'Amore Healthcare specializes in treating mental health and behavioral illness along with the wide variety of addictions such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, and prescription drug abuse.

Our caring, qualified staff is here for you. If you have any questions regarding help for yourself or a loved one please contact our us anytime 24 hours a day at 714.375.1110 or fill out the contact form.

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