The Reality of Addiction | A Drug is a Drug - Relapse - Part One

When I first admitted I was addicted and needed help it was for drugs and not alcohol. I had come to terms and could finally see and admit I was addicted to drugs. I didn't feel, or even think I was an alcoholic.

After spending time at the drug treatment center, I began identifying myself as both a drug addict AND an alcoholic, but I was truly only coming to terms with my drug addiction. Somehow, in my mind, drugs and alcohol addiction were two very separate things. I was focusing on what I was achieving at the moment. I was busy applauding myself on how I could go for periods of time without a drink. There was a lot of credit to be given to myself, from myself, to go for short periods without booze.

I still couldn't see the similarities between drug and alcohol addiction.

When I had 90 days of being clean from drugs, I would say, “see, I didn’t drink, I must not be an alcoholic,” and soon after that, I drank. Of course, it wasn’t just one drink. I couldn’t stop drinking. It wasn’t until after I finally got a little more clarity and got honest with myself that I could come to terms that I had a problem with alcohol as well as drugs.

The point I would like to make, is to be careful not to separate the two. Drugs and alcohol both get a grip on your mind and your life, and you cannot stop drugs and still drink and think it won’t feed that inner temporary fix your body is craving.

Pat Moore Foundation teams up with D’Amore Healthcare. D'Amore Healthcare specializes in treating mental health and behavioral illness along with the wide variety of addictions such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, and prescription drug abuse.

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