Our Commitment to Recovery

Many people have questions about what will happen after they complete a treatment program. Whether seeking answers for themselves or loved ones, they wonder if recovery will work and if they will remain sober in the long run. The Pat Moore Foundation recognizes these concerns and places such a strong belief in the ability of the program to work, that a recovery commitment is offered to anyone who fully participates in a 90 day residential treatment program.

As most know, addiction is a chronic, complex disease. When abused, drugs and alcohol impact an addict’s brain so they lose control of when and how they take a drink or drug. Even when life turns terrible, the ability to stop is lost. Treatment helps to retrain impulses and fight against relapse.

At the Pat Moore Foundation, treatment is comprehensive. The experts, medical staff, and patient work together to create a plan that addresses the key issues that contributed to the drinking and drug abuse. In addition to substance abuse education, group processing, relapse prevention, counseling and group therapy, and 12 Step meetings, patients have access to 24 hour a day support from professional, certified staff who have personal experience with the recovery process.

During inpatient treatment, participants learn what to expect, and how to navigate life outside of the grounds as a sober person. New sobriety is a tender, vulnerable state. During treatment, patients learn how to build a support network to give themselves the best chance possible in turning over this new leaf.

For patients who participate in a 90 day treatment program the recovery commitment is offered as a source of hope, and also a demonstration in our belief that these methods work. The caveat is, the patient must willingly participate and complete the 90 days of treatment. It’s hard to remain sober if you don’t want to stop drinking or drugging in the first place. But for those individuals who are willing to try a new way of life, The Pat Moore Foundation wants to help support you through those first rocky steps. Call anytime, day or night to find the assistance you need to start over. 

At Pat Moore Foundation, we believe so strongly in our treatment program and know from experience that it works, that we have a unique "Recovery Commitment": If a person fully commits to 90 days of residential treatment, paid up front (excluding insurance and payment plans), and has a relapse within 12 months from the day of leaving Pat Moore Foundation, she or he can return for 21 days of treatment at no additional cost.* No questions asked.


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Pat Moore Foundation teams up with D’Amore Healthcare. D'Amore Healthcare specializes in treating mental health and behavioral illness along with the wide variety of addictions such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, and prescription drug abuse.

Our caring, qualified staff is here for you. If you have any questions regarding help for yourself or a loved one please contact our us anytime 24 hours a day at 714.375.1110 or fill out the contact form.

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