How To Deal With The Stress During The Recovery Of An Addict

 Going through recovery is hard, and not just for the addict. Friends and families are often overlooked during the process, but recovery from addiction is a very shared experience and one of the toughest ones that people can go through together.


However, there is hope. There are several things you can do to deal with the stress during the recovery of a drug or alcohol addict. Here are some tips for families, friends, and addicts themselves.


Friends & Family


Resist helicoptering. After dealing with months or perhaps years of erratic, unpredictable, and harmful behavior, it can be difficult to “let go” and simply support your loved one in their recovery. Don’t be overbearing during this critical time – doing so may risk their safety.


Support groups aren’t just for the recovering addict. There are plenty of online resources for families and friends of addicts. Start by engaging online or find a group near you.


Journal your experience. This can be intensely therapeutic and can even serve as a blueprint for those around you if they ever go through the same experience. You’d be amazed how telling a first-person perspective can be for others and how much it can act as a release for yourself.


Recovering Addict


Have a spa day! If you’re further along in your recovery, check out one of the best spas in the United States for a weekend or find one near you for just the day if you prefer to maintain your regular schedule. Having a massage, body wrap, or facial can provide some much needed relaxation and relief from your daily struggle.


Journaling can also be extremely helpful for those going through recovery as well as their support system. You can share your point of view with a family member who is also chronicling their support experience, or simply keep it private as an outlet for your thoughts and feelings during what can be a very tumultuous time. It’s proven that journaling helps addicts and can be a wonderful resource later down the road.


Art therapy is also an amazing outlet for those going through addiction recovery. Whether you put down your thoughts as words or feelings as art, it’s a fantastic way to deal with the stress of recovery.


There are so many resources available to help support you or a loved one on a journey towards recovery. If you’re ready to take the next step into treatment, contact Pat Moore Foundation for information about starting your new life today.


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