Decline in Drug Addiction Treatment and Prevention Programs Equals Increase of Drug Use

As early as the beginning of the year, back in February actually, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and MetLife Foundation released a new national study. We've read the information in the press-release and the study and thought it worth mentioning again. Although there had been continual declines in teen drug abuse, the study points out an upswing in the use of drugs teens commonly encounter in social situations.

  • 11% of teens in grades 9-12 used alcohol, that's up 35% from 2008 and 39% from 2009.
  • 67% increase in the use of Ecstasy, from 6% in 2008 and 10% in 2009.
  • 19% increase in the use of marijuana, from 32% in 2008 and 38% in 2009.
  • 60% decline in the use of methamphetamine.

Another disturbing trend in the youth of the future is the shift in teens beliefs in the acceptability of drug use and drinking.

  • "Being high feels good," increased from 45% in 2008 to 51% in 2009.
  • "Friends usually get high at parties," increased from 69% in 2008 to 75% in 2009.
  • "Don't want to hang around drug users," decreased from 35% in 2008 to 30% in 2009.

The study points to the resurgence in teen drug and alcohol use coming from the 'pro-drug cues in popular culture - in film, television and online...and when funding for federal prevention and drug addiction treatment programs has been declining.' Parents polled for this survey stated the following:

  • 20% say their child, ages 10-19 had already used drugs or alcohol beyond and 'experimental' level.
  • The number jumps to 31% when the teens are sub-grouped to the ages of 14-19.

For more information on this study, click here.

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