Changing Destructive Behavior | A Recovery Treatment Center Goal

Over the course of this week, I’ve been blogging about post-traumatic stress disorder, the use of alcohol and drugs, and seeking a recovery treatment center or a rehab treatment center for proper care. As I’d stated before, not everyone who has a post-traumatic stress disorder has an alcohol or drug problem. However, drinking and using drugs is a problem if your behavior changes or changes how you use the substances.
     The reasons people drink and/or use drugs, as well as how much and how often can lead to an addiction problem. Asking yourself a few questions can help indicate if you have a problem.
          • Have family members and friends verbally issued concerns about my use of substances?
          • Do I have a guilt feeling associated with drinking or drugs?
          • Is there stress in my life that leads me to use drinking or drugs to cope with the stress?
          • Are the amounts I’ve been currently using greater now? 
          • Has cutting back, or down, worked?
          • Have I been using more to get the same result/effect?
     There are also times when you will work hard to convince yourself that you don’t necessarily have a problem at all, and unfortunately this path won’t get you the help you desperately need. Only drinking beer or wine, or that the fact you don’t use drugs, or even that you don’t drink everyday are common realizations. The fact you’ve never missed a day of work is also a common rationalization used to condone usage. Also popular is comparing yourself to your friend’s usage and declaring that you can handle it.
     But if any of these statements or excuses ring true, getting help through a recovery treatment center is what you need to do. Admitting you need help is quite difficult because guilt and shame are huge factors. So, talk to your doctor and begin searching for a rehab treatment center as soon as possible. 
     Many addicts have gone through what you’re feeling and have become sober. You are not alone at all.

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