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Barbiturates Effects On The Body

How Do Barbiturates Affect The Body?

Barbiturates are CNS depressants. They depress the activity of nerves in the smooth muscles, thereby lowering heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. They also depress nerves in the skeletal muscles, creating problems with balance and locomotion. They interfere with brain function, producing slurred speech and impaired judgement. Barbiturates can affect areas in the brain that govern emotion, causing erratic and unpredictable behavior.

Inflamed airways can develop, leaving the lungs unable to clear out contaminants. This can lead to pneumonia. High doses can cause brain damage and respiratory failure. Because abusers react differently to barbiturates at different times, they can easily become confused and lose track of how many tablets they've taken. This increases the risk of accidental overdose.

One of the most dangerous aspects of addiction is that when barbiturates are combined with other drugs like heroin or alcohol, the depressive effects are greater than either substance would produce if taken alone. This can result in unintentional or intentional overdose and death.

Regular barbiturate use can also produce adverse effects in the liver, heart and CNS.

Liver Damage

Barbiturates can cause liver problems or worsen existing liver condition